Be Happy In Your Own Skin

I have been in the Beauty and Wellness industry for 40 years and ever since I was a teenager, I have been passionate about skin care. Luckily for me when going through the perils of teenage acne, there was no such thing as social media or insta filters and even glossy magazines with their over edited cover photos were limited back then.

Be Brave, Be Bold
Yes you can!

In discussion with my clients and students I often hear them say “this is just the way I am” or “I can’t make changes at home because my partner won’t like it or my boss at work won’t listen”. We cannot be responsible for other people’s happiness or for how they react in situations, but we can make changes to ourselves, our own patterns of thoughts and control how we react to everything going on around us.

Back to School. New term fresh start.

As a teacher of adults, I have come across a variety of obstacles and barriers to learning many are caused by the self-limiting beliefs of the student. I hear time and time again women telling me they struggle with theory and that they are not “academic” I find this such a shame. Not being good at Maths or Geography doesn’t mean you are not academic. It could simply be that subject doesn’t interest you and the teacher was the one failing to make their subject interesting and has not tried to find the right learning style for you.

You are good enough

We are all created by God, perfect, confident people. As a child we are blissfully unaware that our differences are something we get judged by. The thing is we are not the same, each one of us is unique and amazing in our own way.

What is confidence?

Confidence comes in many forms. We are all born confident, we didn’t wish as a toddler that things would be different if only, we were taller, slimmer, had straight hair etc. We didn’t wish we were better at drawing or singing. We were happy to scribble on paper and warble out a tune loudly.

Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

The Captain knows where we are going, she knows why we are going there and she has a pretty good idea how we will get there.

The Wizard of Oz

Very cleverly written story and a great parable for us all.